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True innovation in the digital consumer experience starts with a better understanding of the user’s real-world behavior. Hyper-personalization leverages consumer data generated with AI-based inference to create the most relevant and meaningful engagement. Unlock your data-driven marketing strategy with our hyper-personalization solution, AIQ.AWARE.


AIQ.AWARE uses mobile signals to provide deep consumer insights based on real-world contextual data. We invite you to act on the granular data points to create the next-gen consumer experience.

Enrich consumer data

Tap into the treasure trove of rich contextual real-world data by integrating our hyper-personalization engine within your mobile application.

Using AIQ.AWARE SDK and API, you can directly interact with your consumers’ contextual data to run data-driven marketing campaigns and develop new product strategies.

Understand consumers beyond online

Built on upon our hyper-personalization engine, AIQ.AWARE Studio provides granular views of your consumers with actionable insights.

Identify your consumers’ intent by analyzing where they go, which brands they like, and what kind of leisure activities they do.

The advanced micro-segmentation comes with more than 100 pre-built sets to give you instant access for deeper segmentation opportunities.

Maximize consumer engaging moments

Deepen engagement with hyper-personalized push notifications, in-app messages and content recommendations, triggered at the right moment and targeted to the right people. Deliver tailored experiences to drive loyalty for your brand with AIQ.AWARE.

How it works

01 Capture real-world data

Capture real-world data

Integrate AIQ.AWARE SDK into your mobile application to generate rich contextual data with simplicity.

Only available in Korean

02 Get insights

Get insights

Get key insights instantly to understand your consumers with real-world data.

03 Segment audience

Segment audience

Create micro-segments based on visit patterns, lifestyle behaviors, preferences and more.

04 Trigger campaign

Trigger Campaign

Trigger targeted messages based on the real-world activities of your consumers to activate campaigns at the most relevant moments.

05 Track performance

Track performance

Measure beyond-the-click performances and analyze how your campaign impacts your consumer actions.

State-of-the-art machine learning and user modeling 

Inference technology based on machine learning is the heart of our AI-driven hyper-personalization engine. By processing a vast amount of raw signals in real time, our engine recognizes real-world activities with relevant entities using inference model. Applying supervised and unsupervised machine learning generates the granular consumer profiles while a dynamic feedback loop increases the inference accuracy continuously.

Ready to experience AIQ.AWARE live?

We are in closed beta with our AIQ.AWARE Mobile SDK. 
The closed beta is available for free to selected partners in South Korea.

Our official release including AIQ.AWARE Studio will be ready by the beginning of 2020. Stay tuned!

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