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True innovation in the digital consumer experience starts with a better understanding of your consumer’s real-time intentions. Hyper-personalization leverages online and offline behavioral data processed with ML-based user modeling to predict and recommend the most relevant products for individual consumers.


Our hyper-personalization solution helps e-commerce brands to create personalized experiences across all consumer journeys. Transform your business with AIQ.AWARE to drive conversions and streamline marketing efforts with automation.

Personalized recommendation

Deliver highly personalized recommendations that understands each consumer’s taste and preference in real-time. AIQ.AWARE leverages advanced machine learning to capture the complexity of consumer behaviors that humans cannot, and continuously optimize your marketing goals- increasing conversions, engagement and more.

 Predictive targeting

Rely on our predictive algorithms to automatically identify the consumers who are most likely to engage or purchase specific products. Send predictive segments to your existing marketing channels and deliver high-performing and tailored promotions across web, mobile and email.

Review analytics

Our in-depth review analytics solution understands customer reviews based on natural language understanding. You can easily check key factors that influence ratings as well as develop insights on shipping and packaging.

State-of-the-art machine learning and user modeling 

AI-powered user modeling

User modeling technology based on neural networks is at the heart of our solution. Built upon the predictive algorithms, our models are able to consider all user interaction data and build the understanding of concepts hidden in data.

Language model enabled

Powered by AIQ.TALK, our recommendation engine utilises conversational AI technologies to draw stronger correlation between the user and products. It processes text data such as product titles and descriptions with pre-trained language models to provide richer recommendations.

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