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Skelter Labs challenges the problems that enterprises have a hard time solving. With strong engineering expertise and development skills in various machine learning domains,
we can suggest optimal solutions powered with innovative AI. 

Solving hard problems with AI


  • Intent Classification
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Dialogue Models
  • Question Answering
  • Language Models
  • Text Classification
  • Dependency Parser
  • Chunking & Tokenization
  • Slot Filling


  • Speech-to-Text
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Keyword Spotting
  • Acoustic Models


  • Big Data Analysis
  • Context Recognition
  • Entity Recognition
  • User Modeling
  • Real-time Triggering
  • Recomendation Engine

Machine Vision

  • Image Classification
  • Object Detection
  • Defect & Anomaly Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Object Tracking
  • OCR
  • Visual Tracking

Build your AI initiative with us

Our technology advancements transform our partners’ businesses and ultimately innovate the everyday lives of the people. Join the AI revolution transforming various sectors. From smart homes, IoT, and customer service, to process automation, on-device, and intelligent interfaces, the technological revolution will change every facet of our society. 

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